About Us


International Students Services is a leader in getting admission for international students for Study in Ukraine SINCE 2012.

At "International Students Services" we are pioneering a concept of education as tailored to the future - a future in which leadership will be constituted, in equal parts, by achievements innovation and problem solving creativity; by recognition of diversity and inspired self-confidence, – connecting knowledge, sharing intelligence.

The company was founded in 2012*. The first cooperation agreement was signed with Kharkiv National Medical University. Since that time more than 10000 students have fulfilled their dreams and have got the chance to study in Ukrainian universities quality education with affordable price. Presently operating all over Ukraine, “International Students Services” company is a leading provider of international students for Study in Ukraine.


Nikita Kurakin


The most important person in our company.
There is no "ISS Company" without him. Always generates genius ideas, looks for new possibilities to help future students and finds better ways to make your dreams of affordable higher education come true.

Kristina Koval


The most experienced member of our company.
Kristina is a manager at ISS Company. She works directly with students all over the world for almost many years already. She also has a rare ability to find a truly useful and unique information.

Arsen Ohanesyan


The most seasoned leader in our company.
He heads ISS Company. With a wealth of experience spanning many years, He directly shape our global initiatives. Known for his rare talent in uncovering invaluable information, He is the driving force behind ISS company's continued success.

Shah Nawaz


The most imaginative member of our company.
Shah’s main concern is a user’s convenience while using our website. He makes sure that all parts of each of the website pages are placed exactly where they should be and, besides that, they are beautiful and please the eye.