Business & Work in Ukraine


Explore opportunities for investment in Ukraine and contribute to the country’s economic development and growth.

  • Real Estate Invest in the booming real estate market of Ukraine, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial properties.
    • Rent Explore opportunities to invest in rental properties in Ukraine, providing stable income streams and potential long-term returns.
    • Buy Purchase real estate properties in Ukraine to capitalize on the country’s growing market and potential for property appreciation.
    • Sell Sell real estate properties in Ukraine to leverage market opportunities and maximize returns on your investment.

Registration LLC

Establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Ukraine and enjoy the benefits of limited liability while conducting business in the country.

Registration Individual Entrepreneur

Register as an Individual Entrepreneur in Ukraine and pursue business opportunities as a sole proprietor.

Representative Office of a Foreign Company in Ukraine

Set up a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine to facilitate business operations and expand your presence in the Ukrainian market.

Work Permit

Obtain a work permit to legally work in Ukraine and pursue employment opportunities in various sectors of the economy.

Extension of the Work Permit

Extend your work permit in Ukraine to continue working legally in the country beyond the initial authorization period.

Tax ID (Identification Code)

Apply for a Tax Identification Code (TIN) in Ukraine to fulfill your tax obligations and conduct business activities in compliance with Ukrainian tax laws.

Explore these avenues for business and work in Ukraine to capitalize on the country’s growing economy and favorable business environment.