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SpecialityYearTuition FeeLanguage
Accounting4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Administration4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Business4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Communication4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Computer Science4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Economics4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Engineering4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Finance & Banking4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
IT4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
International Relations4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Journalism4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Management4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Marketing4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Media4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Philology4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Taxation4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU
Tourism4 years$1,600EN, UA, RU

SpecialityYearTuition FeeLanguage
Accounting1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Administration1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Business1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Communication1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Computer Science1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Economics1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Engineering1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Finance & Banking1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
IT1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
International Relations1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Journalism1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Management1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Marketing1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Media1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Philology1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Taxation1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU
Tourism1-2 years$2,500EN, UA, RU

SpecialityYearTuition FeeLanguage
Accounting6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Administration6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Business6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Computer Science6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Economics6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Finance & Banking6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
IT6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
International Relations6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Management6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Marketing6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Philology6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Taxation6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU
Tourism6 years$3,500EN, UA, RU

The Kharkiv National University of Economics is connected by direct historical continuity with the Kharkiv commercial school of Emperor Alexander III (1893-1919), Kharkov higher commercial courses of the Kharkov merchant society (1912-1916), Kharkov Commercial Institute (1916-1919) and the Kharkov Institute of a National Economy (1919-1930).

Official date of creation is October 1, 1930 when it was formed on the basis of industrial faculty of the Kharkov Institute of a National Economy as the Kharkov Engineering and Economic Institute. It prepared experts specialized in engineering and economic analysis for the key branches of the heavy industry of Ukraine and the USSR on machine-building, metallurgical, chemical and a forge faculties. In 1964 the faculty of the mechanized processing of the economic information was founded; the economics faculty was formed in 1970.

The institute rendered wide advisory help to the industrial enterprises on reconstruction, technological updating, increase of labour productivity and economic efficiency of manufacture, cost-effectiveness analysis and, since 1960, on the organization of automated control systems (management information systems). During this period the institute had created the advanced system of retraining and improvement of professional skill of the supervising personnel of the industry.

At the institute a number of research laboratories operated, including research laboratory of economy and organizations of machine-building industry of the Kharkov economic region under the scientific management of Prof. E.G. Liberman. Its research was assumed as a basis of economic reform in 1965 in the USSR.


Faculty of economy and law

  • Economy of Enterprises
  • Human Resource Management 

Faculty of economic informatics

  • Economic Statistics:
  • Information Managing System:
  • Economic Cybernetics:
  • Publishing-polygraphic business
  • Computer ecology-economic monitoring

Faculty of marketing and management

  • Management of Organisations:
  • Marketing:
  • Administrative Management

Faculty of international economic relations

  • Economic Theory
  • International Economy
  • Foreign Economic Activity Management

Faculty of accountancy and auditing 

  • Accountancy and Auditing

Faculty of finance 

  • Finance
  • Banking

Post-Graduation education

University provides professional development of foreign citizens of all previously mentioned specialities in the form of probation and retraining. Candidate (Ph.D) and Doctor of Science courses are available at the University. Post-graduate course duration is 3 years followed by thesis defence and degrees of Ph.D. in Economics are awarded.

Key Dates

Standard Admission:

1 of October – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of October – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Late Admission:

30 of January – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of February – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Preparatory Department:

There are no application deadlines (request an Invitation to study).

But you have to arrive at the University during the 6 months after you have gotten an Invitation.

1 of May-15 of August – a period when the Preparatory Department does not accept new arrivals.

Admission Process

First stage (before arrival):

1. Request the University for an Invitation to study in Ukraine.

2. Collect all required documents for getting Student Visa for Ukraine.

3. Notify the University about your arrival date and time. It is a must requirement! In case you don’t do that, the University will not be able to send a Confirmation letter to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. As a result, you will be you will be banned from entering the country and you will be sent back home right from the Ukrainian airport.

Second stage (after arrival):

1. Bring the required package of documents to the University.

2. Pass an interview on the main subjects of a chosen specialty (e.g. Math, Chemistry etc.) if necessary.

3. Make a payment for the study and hostel.

4. Pass a medical examination.

5. Open a bank account.

6. Temporary residence permit for students in Ukraine.

Currently, the information is not available

At present, the University does not provide any financial aid.