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Is there an admission exam to the Ukrainian universities?

Ukrainian universities require to pass a test of English for students wishing to study in English and skip the preparatory year

Can you apply for study at Ukrainian universities with secondary certificate (baccalaureate) obtained a three or more years ago?

Yes, you can apply with a secondary certificate (baccalaureate) obtained a three or more years ago, Ukrainian law does not specify the duration of certificates

Is it necessary to pass the TOEFL or IELTS?

Not required to obtain a certificate of passing the IELTS or Tofel

What is the duration of the study in Ukraine?

The duration of the study varies according to the specialization, type of study and degree (Bachelor – Master – Phd) , which will be obtained by the student and ranges from two years for specialization as (air navigation) to 6 years.

What is the currency in circulation in Ukraine?

Grivnia is the national currency in circulation and tie (25-26) Ukrainian Grivnia is one US dollars.

What languages are used in Ukraine?

Ukrainian, Russian and English among young Ukrainians recently.

What is the language of instruction in Ukraine?

The study is available in Ukrainian languages, Russian and English.

Is it possible to get permission or authorization to work after the completion of the study?

After you finish university and get a degree in your specialty you can get a permit and work in Ukraine.

Are Ukrainian certificates recognizing internationally?

Yes, globally recognized

Does the university provides student residence ?

University accommodation is always available and annual fees for university accommodation are affordable in the range from US $ 300 to $ 1200 a year depending on the university and the city, also the student can live with an Ukrainian family or rent an apartment.

Where is the payment of tuition fees of the university?

Tuition fees payment for the university by the student himself after his arrival in Ukraine when registration procedures at the university .

You could pay the tuition fees for university in installments?

Yes, it is possible to pay the university in installments.

Is there a fees for books and fees for exams?

Tuition fees, including books and exams fees.

Is it possible to open a bank account for the student?


How parents can send expenses and money for their children students?

You can transfer money through a normal bank transfer or through the famous financial conversion like Western union and Money grams systems.

What is the Major communities in Ukraine ?

There are communities in a large quantity including Syrians ,Jordanians  ,Moroccans ,Palestinians , Iraqis ,Nigerians and other communities.

What is the preparatory year and what its usefulness?

Preparatory year is mandatory for students who want to study in Russian or Ukrainian, and those who wants to access to graduate studies, and is not mandatory for students who want to study in English, and  we advice everyone to complete the preparatory year before university.

What are the conditions required to obtain the visa ?

Documents required for visa extraction in all the Ukrainian embassies almost similar:

• Original invitation.

• Valid passport for at least one year.

• Secondary school certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country or the country of residence.

• Birth certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country or the country of residence.

• Medical examination certificate (AIDS,etc…)  documented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country or AIDS  office.

• Escrow bank account of the student or guardian.

Is it difficult to pass the preparatory year?

Preparatory Year is the prettiest and easiest year in student life, student learns Russian or Ukrainian language and learn Ukrainian traditions, habits and recognize the most famous places and tourist attractions in Ukraine and get used to the university and other positives that are not countless.

When are the school holidays during the school year?

Winter vacation begins in the fifth and the twentieth of December and ends after Christmas on the twentieth of January, start summer vacation in late June and ends on the first of September of each year.

What are the conditions required to gain admission to the school ?

• A copy of the secondary school certificate (BAC)

• A copy of the page of marks

•  University degree (graduate students)

• Image of the first page of a valid passport

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