Ukraine is getting popular as a destination for people wanting to live and work in a country with growing economic potential, hospitable people and near future prospects for membership in European Union and Schengen zone.

Our company offers professional consulting services in regard to Ukrainian Immigration laws, policies, and procedures. We can help whether you are considering a move to Ukraine temporarily or permanently.

Our Services:

  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Temporary Residence Permit
  • Extension of Residence Permit
  • Confirmation of citizenship of child
  • Citizenship

Permanent Residence Permit

Permanent residence grants recipients similar rights and privileges enjoyed by Ukrainian citizens (excepting the right to vote or to hold a position with a high-level security clearance).

Ukrainian Residence status does not influence the holder’s original citizenship. This is very convenient for those who came in Ukraine with long-term goals but can easily come back to his home country at any time.

ISS Company can guide and advise you on the most appropriate steps to take in applying for your Ukrainian residence permit/immigration visa. Should you have any questions in regard to the residence permit, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced immigration consultants.

Advantages of the permanent residence permit in Ukraine

  • the right to move and reside freely on the territory of Ukraine;
  • the right to education (including free education for children);
  • the right to acquiring citizenship of Ukraine *;
  • the right to financial services in Ukraine (cards, accounts, credits, loans etc.);
  • no need of getting work permit for employment (casual, temporary, regular job) *;
  • the right on appropriate working conditions (working hours, health and safety standards, holiday entitlements);
  • the right to family reunification (spouse, minor children and parents of PR holder are entitled to residence permit of the same duration);
  • no need of obtaining visas, filling immigration cards, getting registrations, paying consular fees;
  • the right on duty-free entry of vehicles (for personal use);
  • the right to obtaining visas to third countries from Ukraine;
  • the right on pension provision, family allowance and social security (minimum income support, retirement pensions, free health care, etc.)

Temporary Residence Permit

Temporary Residence Permit is a document permitting a foreign citizen or a stateless person to stay on the territory of Ukraine continuously throughout the term of the permit validity. Most often, the residence permit is issued for 1 year with the annual renewal possibility. For the extension of a residence permit you need to confirm that the grounds for an extended stay in Ukraine are still relevant.

Residence permit is issued for the period of 1 year on the basis of:

  • Employment proved by the valid work permit delivered by the relevant Employment Centre
  • Marriage proved by the marriage certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice
  • Participation in the implementation of international technical assistance
  • Work in religious organization in Ukraine. It should be proved by the invitation certified by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
  • Work in branches, departments, offices or other structural units of public (non-governmental) institution of a foreign state
  • Work in a representative office of a foreign company. It should be proved by the invitation certified by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
  • Work in a branch or representative office of a foreign bank
  • In other cases provided by international treaties of Ukraine

Extension of Residence Permit

Extension of Residence Permit is an extension for permitting a foreign citizen or a stateless person to extend his/her stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Our company provides service of Extension of temporary residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons, Our advantages – individual approach and the lowest price.

An application for extension of a temporary residence permit by a foreigner or a stateless person shall be submitted in person or through a representative on the basis of a power of attorney. A foreigner or a stateless person receives a temporary residence permit in person.

The validity of the extended document:

The period of validity of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine is 1 year, except in the following cases:

  • Foreigners and stateless persons who, by law, arrived in Ukraine for employment and obtained a temporary residence permit – the validity of a work permit for foreigners and stateless persons;
  • Foreigners and stateless persons who came to Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects – term of implementation of the project of international technical assistance, which is indicated in the project registration card;
  • Foreigners and stateless persons who are the founders and / or participants and / or beneficial owners (controllers) of a legal entity registered in Ukraine and have arrived in Ukraine to control the activities of such legal entities – for two years.
  • Foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in Ukraine for the purpose of study – the period of study, which is indicated in the document confirming the fact of study in Ukraine.

Confirmation of citizenship of child

You are a foreign family that has resided in Ukraine for a long time and you have recently had a baby?

In addition, you do not want to register a child in your country of citizenship, and want to remain permanently in Ukraine? Then the first thing to do is to register the child a citizen of Ukraine. I.e. your child will get the citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin!

This will allow you (mother, father, and other close relatives) to issue an immigration permit to Ukraine and to obtain a permanent residence permit, which does not expire! And after 5 years of permanent residence in Ukraine, all your family will be able to join the ranks of our countrymen!

Having received Ukrainian citizenship for your child you get the following benefits:

  • The right to issue a permanent residence for all close relatives, and later citizenship for them
  • Free education, medical care for the child
  • Use of all possible rights of a citizen of Ukraine
  • etc.

Advantages of work with us:

  • Our company provides services in the field from 2008
  • We give consultations free of charge
  • Our lawyers in addition to higher legal education have thoroughly studied the practical side of the issue
  • In performing citizenship it is not the last point to have practice in communication with authorities of  the State Migration Service  and we have it
  • We need minimum of documentation; all the other necessary documents will be prepared by our lawyers
  • We perform citizenship by territorial origin in the term from 15 w. d.
  • We guarantee the result, but if it is not reached – there is no demand for payment for our services, and  it is directly stated in the contract
  • And finally the best characteristic of our work –  our clients


You are have been permanently living in Ukraine for the last 5 years and want to have all the rights of a citizen? You may have been married a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years or you have had a refugee grade for 3 years?

Then you have an opportunity of acquisition of nationality of Ukraine

Naturalization implies permanent legal residence on the territory of Ukraine for the last five (in some cases two) years, recognition and observation of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, knowledge of the state language, having legal source of subsistence, and most importantly, permission to immigrate to Ukraine.

Having issued citizenship of Ukraine, you get the following benefits:

  • The number of visits to the country is not limited
  • The term of stay on the territory of Ukraine is not limited
  • You have all possible rights and freedoms of the citizen of Ukraine
  • Opportunity to work without special permit
  • Social defense, as well as free medical treatment
  • etc.