Limited for time? Want to catch a prize-winning shot of the Cinderella waxbill? On a honeymoon? Not keen to drive for days on the wrong side of the road to get anywhere? Opt for a fly-in safari.

A fly-in safari often represents the best value for any itinerary: less time travelling means more time at each destination. Landscapes of colours, shapes and patterns from above are jaw-dropping and of course, with a guided game drive transfer to your safari lodge, you’re on safari the moment you touch down. Charter the entire aircraft or opt for a seat rate, which requires a diversion or two in exchange for your much discounted flight. Fly your entire route or combine your journey with self-drive and private guided sections for a complete cross-section experience of these amazing lands. Browse our most popular fly-in safaris below and contact your best ISS Company  expert advice along with a detailed quote and custom fly-in itinerary designed just for you.

Botswana Fly-in Safaris

Botswana is a country that is best explored by fly-in. From the expanse of the dry Kalahari Desert to the world’s last true inland delta, the Okavango Delta, it makes sense to travel by air transfers. Unlike the landscapes of so many safari destinations, Botswana is a country where a large portion of the country and many of the main attractions are covered by water, especially in the wet season. Fly in and out to get the real deal Botswana safari experience.

Namibia Fly-in Safaris

Namibia is a country of contrasting landscapes. It’s one thing to explore it on the ground, it’s quite another to explore it from above. Flying by private charter or on seat rate flights, means skipping long transfers between destinations which gives you more time to explore and enjoy the activities and highlights at each destination. Hop from one attraction to another, take a scenic flight along the way and include the furthest, most remote areas staying in some of Namibia’s most intimate and luxurious camps.