Private Guided Safaris

A private guided tour is surely one of the most exciting ways to explore and discover the interesting, the extraordinary and the downright flabbergasting secrets of all that makes southern Africa so spectacular.

Our guides are exceptional human beings one and all. Their love of people, country, history, flora, fauna and a jolly good time is entirely contagious and their professionalism, expertise and trustworthiness will set your heart at ease from the moment you leave the arrivals terminal. As a tailor-made tour operator, all of our itineraries have a private guided safari option. And what’s more you can chop and change any of our sample tours to your heart’s content. To help you get started here are some of our most popular itineraries, which inevitably end up radically different from the original. Hot tip: price per person for a Namibia guided safari drops significantly per person for families and small groups. Ask your Travel Expert for more details.

Botswana Private Guided Safaris

Botswana is a country of wide open spaces, raw wilderness and true African bush experiences. It’s a safari destination of off-the-beaten-track adventures, best done with a private safari guide or on a private mobile safari. It’s remote, wilder than wild and getting to most of the main highlights means thick sand and heavy off-road driving, best left to your guide who knows where to go, how to navigate the in betweens and point out the prolific wildlife along the way.

Namibia Private Guided Safaris

Exploring Namibia with a private guide is a fine way to discover the vastness of this largely unpopulated country. Go deeper beyond what meets the eye. Your guide will drive you between your destinations taking you to explore the main attractions and all the small ones in between which you might otherwise miss. All your activities are done with your private guide as he explains the wonder of Namibia, tracks desert-adapted wildlife, introduces you to the locals and finds that epic wildlife sighting. Sit back, relax and be blown away.