Self-drive Safaris

A self-drive safari lets you travel at your own pace and explore in your time. An adventure by road where the journey is just as much a part of it as the destination itself.

One of the most enjoyable and flexible ways to explore Namibia is to hire a car and drive yourself to the remote destinations. You can take your time, stop along the way and change your itinerary at short notice. The road network is excellent, well sign-posted and traffic is very light. Most of your motoring is done on well-graded gravel roads. While we can certainly arrange car hire for an effortless self-drive safari of South Africa as well, when it comes to Botswana, Zambia and Victoria Falls these are best served as fly-in or guided safari destinations.

Self-drive from start to finish or combine your self-drive tour with a fly-in or guided element. Talk to your Travel Expert about the best options for you.

Botswana Self-drive Safaris

Botswana is a destination known for wilder-than-wild wildlife and thick sandy off-road tracks to untouched wilderness. It’s wide open spaces, deserts, pans and vast green deltas. So the question is: Can you self-drive in Botswana? The answer: Indeed you can, but let’s be upfront, it’s not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need sound advice to be well prepared and ready for the adventure.

Namibia Self-drive Safaris

Namibia is the ideal destination to explore on a self-drive. Jump behind the wheel and you’re off to explore the vast wonder and everything in between at your own pace. Tarred and gravel roads are well-maintained, well sign-posted and, with little traffic, it’s easy-going.