Night Life In Ukraine

The main attraction of Ukraine is its legendary nightlife!
Despite the rigid winter temperatures, Ukraine is able to offer hot evenings and fun, Thanks to its wide range of discotheques and night clubs of all kinds but, above all, for the presence of the most beautiful girls on the planet. The nightlife in Ukraine varies from place to place. Generally speaking, you will find more to see and do in the bigger cities than you will in small towns. Ukrainians are open-minded and enjoy trying new things. As a result, you will find a variety of discos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, which all sport their own unique flavor of entertainment. To get an idea of which are the popular hot-spots you can ask the locals – or dive right in and visit a variety of venues – variety is, after all, said to be the spice of life.Taking the great variety of the night clubs formats, let’s try to structure them in some way:Night Clubs Categories

  • The Budget Places are located close to the universities campuses mostly or in the low-middle class districts. Their audience is people of 16-25 mostly oriented on contemporary electronic music trends. Some of such places became legendary by welcoming novice music bands and popular DJs.
    The entrance fee on average doesn’t exceed UAH 50 for female and UAH 70 for male. Some days on a week are free for girls. The average bill fluctuates within UAH 100-200, the middle-price drinks/juices/cocktails are about UAH 55-70.


  • The Middle-Rank Clubs is the most popular category in big cities here. Their clientele are rather motley: from 18-years old students to 40-years old middle-level managers. That effects music styles from hits of the 80-s to contemporary electronic music, but pop hits dominate to meet all tastes. DJs’ and face-control service proficiency define level of popularity of a place. Some of them are completely personal endorsement.
    The entrance fee is up to UAH 80-90 for women and UAH 120 for men. It varies according to a day of the week and may be zero for ladies on the least popular days or time.
    The average bill here reaches UAH 200-300 per person. You can taste the cocktails of middle price-range at about UAH 75-85.


  • The top clubs are not so reachable even if you are not short with money. They justify their definition as ‘clubs’ by providing with severe entrance face-control. Sometimes they even overdo, affecting a number of complains on the relevant forums. The strict order may be justified by caring about their clientele, most of whom are well-known people not just in show business, but in politics as well.

The top-rank establishments are concentrated in the very centre of the cities (or on the prestigious beaches – as regards Odessa). Their investors don’t save on decoration and creative ideas. World-known DJs and music bands are welcomed here to perform for a party. These places are aimed to be glam in any detail – in interior, music residents, cuisine, and public, especially the girls – the most splendid you can meet in the night life places here.

The entrance fee isn’t of key importance here due to the guests overbalance by their bills. So far, girls often have free access (having passed face-control, of course) or not more than UAH 100-150. Male should be ready to pay from UAH 200 for entrance and an overage bill starts from UAH 300-400.

Live Music Concerts
Ukraine is the perfect country for all those students who extremely love music.Ukraine is the ideal place for pop music, opera buffs, as well as electro and dance fans. Ukraine can lay claim to being the European Capital of music.Actually Ukraine is the city with just about everything for music fans. Ukraine has always been a great country for artists and performers. That’s why they focus on Music Education & gain professional degrees.You can catch outdoor ensembles in the city’s parks, city centers or head to regular recitals in one of the great venues of Ukraine on the weekends & public holidays.Ukraine sits at a crossroads of continents and has been profoundly influenced by the cultures of both Europe and Asia throughout its history. When you come to Ukraine, you’ll likely meet lots of music lovers who are rightly proud of Ukraine’s rich musical traditions. If you’re planning a travel tour of Ukraine, be sure to set aside time to visit a concert hall for a performance of traditional Ukrainian music. Your local Ukrainian friends can help you pick out the ideal venue.