Sumy State University






$1,500 $4,000



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SpecialityYearTuition FeeLanguage
Enterprise Economics4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Accounting and Auditing4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Management4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Ecology and Environmental Health, Nature Management4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Electrical Engineering and Technology4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Electromechanics4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Construction4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Architecture4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Hydraulic Engineering (water resources)4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Transport Systems (by modes of transport)4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Hotel and Catering Industry4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Tourism4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU
Occupational Safety4 years$1,500EN, UA, RU

SpecialityYearTuition FeeLanguage
Enterprise Economics1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Accounting and Auditing1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Business Administration1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Logistics1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Ecology and Environmental Health1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Engineering Systems of Electric Energy Consumption1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Lighting Engineering and Sources of Light1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Electric Systems and Transport Means Complexes1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Electric Transport1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Electromechanical Systems of Automation, Electric Drive1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Industrial and Civil Construction1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Municipal Construction and Economy1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Water Supply and Sewage Disposal1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Town Planning and Development1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Transport Systems (by modes of transport)1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Transport Organization and Transport Management1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Traffic Organization and Regulation1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Geo-information Systems and Technologies1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Hotel and Catering Industry1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Tourism1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU
Project Management1.5 - 2 years$2,700EN, UA, RU

TECHNICAL SCIENCES6 years$2,800/$3,300UA, RU, EN
ECONOMIC SCIENCES6 years$2,800/$3,300UA, RU, EN
ARCHITECTURE6 years$2,800/$3,300UA, RU, EN
NATIONAL SECURITY6 years$2,800/$3,300UA, RU, EN

The university has about 14 000 people for various forms of learning (educational and skill level and educational level of junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master) 45 21 specialty area of ​​expertise (the list of specialties 2015). Educated about 1,300 foreign students from nearly 50 countries. Sumy State University is to catalog the best research universities by the Shanghai ranking positions on 500+ authoritative directory and the best universities in the world ranking of Times Higher Education (THE). According to the international ranking of higher education institutions QS World University Rankings Sumy State University is the TOP group (5%) of the leading universities in the world and is classified as a university with high research capacity, rated QS EESA (for European countries, developing and Central Asia) – the Top 100 universities in the region. For these ratings SSU – in the top five among Ukrainian universities. According to the worldwide internet ranking Webometrics and uniRank University Ranking of SSU ranks 3rd and 2nd place respectively among universities in Ukraine and occupies a high position in the European ranking U-Multirank, which defined most indicators of academic, extracurricular, international and other sides of the SSU such exceeding the global average value.

Key Dates

Standard Admission:

1 of October – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of October – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Late Admission:

30 of January – application deadline (request an Invitation to study).

25 of February – arrival deadline (the final date you must arrive at the University).

Preparatory Department:

There are no application deadlines (request an Invitation to study).

But you have to arrive at the University during the 6 months after you have gotten an Invitation.

1 of May-15 of August – a period when the Preparatory Department does not accept new arrivals.

Admission Process

First stage (before arrival):

1. Request the University for an Invitation to study in Ukraine.

2. Collect all required documents for getting Student Visa for Ukraine.

3. Notify the University about your arrival date and time. It is a must requirement! In case you don’t do that, the University will not be able to send a Confirmation letter to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. As a result, you will be you will be banned from entering the country and you will be sent back home right from the Ukrainian airport.

Second stage (after arrival):

1. Bring the required package of documents to the University.

2. Pass an interview on the main subjects of a chosen specialty (e.g. Math, Chemistry etc.) if necessary.

3. Make a payment for the study and hostel.

4. Pass a medical examination.

5. Open a bank account.

6. Temporary residence permit for students in Ukraine.

Currently, the information is not available

At present, the University does not provide any financial aid.