Temporary residency permit

Study Residency Permit

Obtain legal residency in Ukraine to pursue your academic ambitions. This permit allows foreign students to reside in Ukraine while studying at recognized educational institutions.

Volunteer Residency Permit

Contribute to community development and social causes with a volunteer residency permit. This permit enables individuals to reside in Ukraine while engaging in volunteer activities.

Marriage Residency Permit

Start a new chapter in your life with a marriage residency permit. This permit allows foreign nationals married to Ukrainian citizens to reside in Ukraine as spouses.

Work (Official Employment) Residency Permit

Advance your career and professional aspirations with a work residency permit. This permit enables foreign nationals to legally reside in Ukraine while employed by Ukrainian companies.

Changing Status from Study, Work to Marriage

Transition smoothly between residency statuses with this permit. Whether shifting from study to marriage or work to marriage, this permit facilitates legal changes in residency status.

Performance of Religious Activity

Engage in religious activities and spiritual pursuits with a residency permit tailored for religious practitioners.

Participation in International Projects for Technical Programs

Contribute to international projects and technical programs with this specialized residency permit designed for professionals involved in technical initiatives.

Employees of Affiliated Companies or Representative Offices of Foreign Countries

Represent foreign entities in Ukraine with a residency permit for employees of affiliated companies or representative offices registered under Ukrainian law.

Employees of Representative Offices of Foreign Business Entities, Banks

Facilitate international business transactions and operations with a residency permit for employees of representative offices of foreign business entities and banks.


Promote economic growth and investment in Ukraine with a residency permit designed for investors contributing to the country’s development.

These residency permits offer legal pathways for individuals to reside in Ukraine temporarily under various circumstances, contributing to the country’s cultural, social, and economic fabric.