Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine includes many factors of tourist attractions which vary between scenic splendor of architecture and green mountains stretching and reaching to the sea in cities like Yalta and Odessa and tourist resorts, therapeutic and sandy beaches and resorts physiotherapy and relaxation, as well as archaeological and cultural places of diverse which influenced over the centuries and tourist attractions nevertheless Ukraine it still retains with the old features of magnificent architecture and folk music, and the huge library. Ukraine state containing historical sites and night life and culture, and shopping is cheap and excellent. An ideal place for a summer vacation in Eastern Europe at the Black Sea beaches.

Our Services:

1- Hotels  booking and apartments furnished at reasonable prices all over Ukraine.

2- Cars rent with a driver or without driver by desire.

3- Booking airline tickets to and from the Ukraine.

4- Arranging visits of  international exhibitions held in the Ukraine business and traders with securing the translators of the length of the visit.

5- Arrange a computable investors and traders to visit factories and companies directly.

6- Group tours for families and young people.

7- Organizing programs to visit museums and palaces and gardens and mosques and historical markets and all tourist places.

8- Hunting trips in the south of Ukraine for amateurs.

9- Freight forwarding  and animals pets and rare birds.

10- Invitations for tourism, study and business.